Rains! ❤

Monsoon is here. Rains have begun and its pouring heavily. I have always found the rain very calming. It brings a sense of peacefulness as i sit by my window watching the rain. People running here and there, kids laughing and wearing colorful raincoats coming home from school, vendors still doing their job but with two umbrellas over their head. I love the sound of heavy rain and thunder on a dark night. Its one of the most calm things i have experienced in my life. A rainy day is a perfect day to get lost in a world of books. Nothing beats that!

I often think of myself as a Pluviophile. It means someone who is a lover of rains and finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Reading a good book, eating fritters with a cup of tea, and just hearing the sound of rain clinking through the roof and window is a place of solace that i would happily live in forever. The sound of rain soothes me and the smell of earth after the rains is perfect.

There are things that often remind us of someone. For me, rains, is one such thing that reminds me not of someone or something but of a feeling i never knew i missed. A feeling of love, peace and calm, a feeling of happiness and joy, and of pure innocence. Rains are here and i wouldnt wish to be anywhere but here.

Happy Monsoon To All!!

My first blog!

So i have been thinking of doing this for years now but never actually got around to doing it. This time i just made up my mind and pushed myself to do it. So here i am!

I made a site and it asked me what do i want to name it? And almost immediately all i could think of was the top things that matter to me. First of them being Food. I love food and probably am a self-proclaimed foodie. Absolutely love going out and trying new restaurants and new dishes, though my love for few ones always makes me order the same thing. The second thing being Reading. It is without a doubt my first love. I know it sounds cheesy but hey, it is what it is!! I have been reading for as long as i can remember. From story books and fairytales to fiction and non-fiction to philosophies and spiritual, have read them all. It came to the point that i also needed to read certain books that would help me to deal with certain situations in my life. The third thing i absolutely love doing is Travel. Everyone wants to travel the world, see places, visit every town and every cafè. And so do i! Seeing what the world has to offer is definitely the top thing on my bucket list. And lastly my blog is going to be about Love as well. The only thing i can say about it is we all need it and we all want it.